Modhera Dance Festival

Where is it?

Modhera is a district in North Gujarat. There is an 11th century Sun Temple at Modhra, which is ‘two hours’ north of Ahmedabad. It is 25km away from the town of Mehsana. The sun temple has step wells alongside with a world heritage site. The sun temple at Modhera was built during the reign of the Solanki King Bhimdev I. The temple is now in ruins. It is considered as one of the best specimens of Indian art and architecture. The temple is dedicated to lord Surya. The outer wall is covered with sculptures and figures of lord Surya are prominent. The whole structure is magnified by the incredible rectangular tank or Surya kund (a tank or small reservoir in which rainwater is collected for drinking). It is 100 square meters and has shrines.

The tourism corporation of Gujarat organises an annual Indian classical dance festival.  

When is it?

It is held over three days in the third week of January every year. In 2017 the festival is from 20th to 22nd January. It is after the festival of Uttarayan. 

What is it?

During the dance festival famous classical dancers are invited from all over is frequently visited by by art and dance connoisseurs from all across the world. Classical and folk dancers and musicians from different states of the country exhibit their talent and flair while enthusiasts become part of the festival to witness the event. 

Locals  from nearby villages are also a part of the festival.


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