Chhat Puja

Chhat Puja is a major festival of Bihar and in some parts of Eastern India. It falls twice a year during the months of Baisakh and Kartik. This festival is celebrated in the honour of the Sun God and the ceremonies of this festival last for three days.

In Bihar, the womenfolk start preparations for Chhat Puja weeks in advance. They carry six baskets of food , flowers and clay elephants as offerings to the Sun god. They dip all the items in the river or lake and chant mantras standing in the water. The menfolk make temporary shrines from stalks of sugarcane. There the entire family gathers to sing hymns in praise of the Sun god.

For the fulfilment of their wishes, the womenfolk pay reverence to Sun god. Some women take more severe vows to fulfill their wishes.The Chhat festival symbolises brotherhood, harmony and the spirit of sharing among the community.


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