Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti

This holiday celebrates the birthday of Valmiki, a famous poet in India.  It is a popular holiday in northern India but a restricted holiday so government and businesses remain open.

When is it?

Sunday 16th October in 2016.the birth anniversary known as Jayanti is celebrated on Ashwin Purnima as per the Hindu lunar calendar. The celebrated date is in the month of Ashwin (October) on the day of the full moon (Purnima).

Who is he?

Maharishi Valmiki is revered as the first poet of Sanskrit literature and called Adi Kavi. He is the author of the epic Ramayana which consists of 24,000 verses and 7 cantos (Kandas) including the Uttara canto (or Kanda). He is also credited with creating the Hindu ‘sloka’, a verse form in which the great epics are composed. 

He is believed to be the contemporary of lord Sri Rama and as a consequence the birth era of lord Sri Rama is debated amongst modern historians. (Considered to be around the beginning of the first millennium BC). He is considered a great saint of the ancient world. His teachings influence people to fight against social injustice.


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