Diary of a week in ‘water wars’.

Following my blogpost about the happenings on Monday, I kept some brief notes throughout the week as the days developed. It shows the strangeness of living in Bangalore when there is civil unrest in pockets of places around the city.


It is still unsettled in Bangalore but all quiet and calm in the complex. Shops are closed, there are no buses, Tuk Tuks etc on the road. Rez got to work quickly as a result.Area with Tamil Nadu residents have violence. Protesters burning stuff in Hebbal and police are in attendance.

We had a picnic in the garden and invited other expats and their children. Something to do to keep everyone occupied. 

Schools will remain closed tomorrow due to the ongoing violence in protest at the release of Cauvery river water to Tamil Nadu. Section 144, banning gatherings of more than 10 people*, remains in place. A curfew has been imposed. There were various outbreaks of violence in north Bangalore (where we live) but we were safe in the complex. Rez will be travelling to work with a colleague tomorrow (safety in numbers). Shops etc will remain closed and buses will not be running.

*the police were moving on anyone in groups of three or more.


Zahra has had a virtual classroom this morning and done all her schoolwork online. (Quite impressive if not for the technical glitches). Rez got to work ok with Matt. Our housekeeper arrived and said “it’s 75% normal” but “we don’t know when the fighting will start”. We were able to take Zahra out (with some other mums) for a swimming lesson. Also took the opportunity to stop off at the international supermarket on the way back to get some provisions in.

 We are playing everything by ear and listening for updates hourly. Tomorrow is supposed to be another general strike so it may all get tense again after dark.

An appeal for calm appeared on the front page of The Hindu newspaper.

front page of The Hindu newspaper


 All appears ‘normal’ today (including the powercuts!). School and shops open as usual. The strike was called off (thankfully). The school reopened and there was even a parent workshop in the morning.

5pm and we find out the petrol stations are all closed for the next 3 days as they are on strike. Cue a massive queue for fuel! This turned out to be a false rumour in the end.

 We took the opportunity to go out for dinner in the evening with the other international assignees as it was Stuart’s birthday. It was nice to get out and spend some time with friends.


There a lots of newspaper articles and TV news items about the Cauvery river water as Tamil Nadu remains under a Bandh and curfew. Bangalore has returned to ‘normal’ in most respects. The school was able to continue with the Primary Football Tournament which was great for the children – they were able to run off all that pent up energy from being cooped up all week! We were also able to have friends over for dinner who were visiting from the UK. 


The situation remains tense as Tamil Nadu still has a  Bandh and a curfew (reported in the newspaper) and any travels plans will be curtailed for any Karnataka state residents. The next court hearing is on Monday so depending on the outcome of that will probably determine the reactions of the citizens here and in Tamil Nadu.

I have been told that the police have monitoring social media for any false or misleading information on the situation and taking ‘appropriate action’. As my account is a first hand one I am unconcerned.


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