Incredible India in pictures 

My previous Incredible India post was full of facts about what makes India so incredible. This blogpost is pictures of the everyday things we see that simply would not be allowed or would be illegal in the UK and yet are part of everyday life here. As most of these pictures speak for themselves I have kept the narrative to a minimum.As a lot of these pictures have been taken from the car the quality is variable.

Those hard hats will come in handy for a fall from that height.

MOT pass definitely!

i might use this picture in a H&S presentaion back in the UK.
no power required for street ironing

the school run
spot the bird

tree surgery in the middle of the road – beware of falling branches! oh and the guy on the motorbike of course.
why we don’t have ice in drinks
the outside loo!
Funeral flowers
yes that cockroach was huge
how many hazards can you spot?
this was the the railway crossing!
no chance of a child slipping through that gate
Health and safety officer’s nightmare


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