Our UK Holiday – Day 2 – Derby

Bacon butties
We have really missed bacon butties (also known as sandwiches) so when we were offered them for breakfast it was a no brainer. Proper back bacon on freshly baked white bread with brown sauce. Delicious. We really enjoyed them. We really miss proper bacon in India and also freshly baked sliced bread (without sugar, which is added in India).

Tina and Mark at the Oak and Acorn

We met our friends Tina and Mark in the Oak and Acorn pub for a cuppa whilst they had breakfast. It’s a concept that is so far removed from Indian life it’s difficult to describe. I was taken to a ‘bar’ and it was a shack  at the side of the road in India with concrete floors and no chairs. Men stand and drink. There are no women. We did go to one ‘western’ style bar in Bangalore but it’s a trek to get there. There are other bars, there’s one next to the Persian restaurant in the centre of Bangalore but we’ve never been and if we talk to the other IAs they’ll no doubt tell us where all the other bars are but  that’s the point though – in the UK there are pubs everywhere, easily identified and kitted out and catering for families and couples to enjoy food and alcohol if they choose to. In Bangalore there are few bars that we feel we could go to but none are set up for families. It’s completely different.

 It was lovely to catch up for an hour with Mark and Tina on their own  for a while (although we did see them throughout the day at various points). It’s so nice just to chat with friends who understand you and you don’t have to explain everything you’re saying using different explanatory words (or indeed repeat yourself several times as you’re speaking English far too quickly). It was relaxing and easy and enjoyable.

The Sams Family and the chickens

We headed off to see Ben and Hannah, Esther and Noah and all the chickens they kindly agreed to look after as we headed out to India. They looked so fat! (The chickens that is). Zahra was delighted and chased a few around the garden before having a cuddle with her favourite one called ‘Sneaky’. She was disappointed though that they did not recognise her. She was reassured though that they were being well looked after and had a lovely garden to scratch around.

Eleri and Keith – roast pork with crackling chocolate brownies and custard

We headed off to Eleri and Keith’s. They have done so much to their house since they moved in – a phenomenal work rate. It looks lovely. We chatted and caught up in the new conservatory. It was lovely just relaxing with friends and chatting.

Zahra had requested a lunch of roast pork with crackling and was delighted when it was delivered. I don’t think I have seen her enjoy her dinner so much in a long time. She really enjoyed it. She was stuffed but still managed to make room for the (dairy free) chocolate brownies and custard Eleri had made. Topped off with a couple of glasses of Schloer and Zahra was complete. 

Easter Cafe

My gosh this was busy. The Easter Cafe is run by Woodlands Church on Oakwood (who meet in Parkview School). They provide free cakes and drinks with crafts for children and adults. It’s a fabulous community event. We had a lot of friends turn up to say hello but the Easter Cafe itself was a roaring success – it was packed! Lots of people coming in for tea, cake and crafts. 

We really appreciated friends making the effort to come over to see us. It was lovely chatting with so many people – even if we didn’t manage to spend as much time as we wanted to with everyone. It was great. It was a whirlwind for 2 hours.

Tom and Sue’s and England rugby

After heading back to Chez Dann for a quick turnaround to get Zahra’s overnight bag we headed out to Tom and Sue’s. Kay, Sarah and Heath, Tina and Mark were all there for a good catch up. Food just ‘appeared’ as did the champagne. (Clearly a lot of effort going on behind the scenes to make that seem less production happen). We sat and chatted for hours and watched Englad beat France in the Six Nations to win the Grand Slam. It was so nice to chat with friends and also just to be able to watch the rugby (having missed most of the 6 Nations tournament). We chatted all evening whilst Zahra played with her friends. After tea Zahra went to Helen’s for a sleepover too – she had a busier schedule than we had.

At around 11pm we called it a night as I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. We said our goodbyes and headed back to Chez Dann for bed, briefly seeing Matt before heading to bed.

The end of another lovely, long, tiring and very enjoyable day. We are blessed with truly wonderful friends.


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