Snakes Alive!

Yesterday got a bit interesting. We share a housekeeper with a neighbour and fellow RR international assignee. She came to work yesterday a little flustered so of course I asked what the matter was.

“A snake, madam, a snake”she says. She now has my fight or flight mode on full alert. Now I don’t mind snakes as my brother used to keep them when we were children, but this is India, they’re a bit dangerous here. I asked where it was as calmly as I can muster. “Outside the door of the other Sir”. I relax. It’s not in or near our house but at our neighbours. “OK, tell me more” I say. 

So she turns up for work at our neighbour’s house and stops on the drive as there is a snake outside the front door. She calls for help and a couple of maids come to assist. They all look at the snake – a King Cobra. She’s not stepping over that to get into the house, and anyway there could be more inside. (I simply wouldn’t have got that close to identify it!).

After some discussion (yes, I know – a discussion! What is there to discuss?!) they decide to call security to come and move it. It’s a Hindu country so unwelcome animals are not killed but simply moved on. By the time security arrive the snake has slithered into the hole in the wall leading to the guest bedroom. They search and search but they can’t find it.

Well, that’s all ok then they think. Except this happened on Monday and I was told about it on Wednesday. Our neighbour had been sleeping in a house with potentially a very unwelcome visitor. Our housekeeper asked me to tell him. So I immediately send him a message. It turns out that our neighbour’s driver also knew there was a snake about and failed to mention it to him. 

On returning home from work Rez and our neighbour, armed with two tennis rackets (I’m not kidding), go to the house to check for snakes. They undertook a thorough search but couldn’t find anything. They then reported it to the complex manager who is arranging a snake catcher today. They spray “special medicine” to make the snake go away and keep it away. 

In the meantime, we had a house guest last night who understandably didn’t want to sleep in a house with a King Cobra slithering around. After all it is the world’s longest venomous snake!

It’s certainly something that wouldn’t have happened in the UK. #IncredibleIndia indeed.


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