A fabulous book week at school

The temporary book nook at Stonehill International School

Last week was book week at Stonehill International School and it was fabulous. There was real excitement all week about reading books. Zahra was of course in here element being an avid reader – she absolutely loved it.

Book Fair

The primary hall was transformed into two books shops all week. It really was very impressive. There was a huge range of books and of course we purchased quite a few from both shops. There was a fun leader board for each class to see which class had bought the most books. Zahra was also given book marks, a backpack and a pen as she purchased so many. 

Book Nook

A story telling area was set up outside. A sofa and cushions surrounded by flowing silks in the sun made an ideal reading area. Teachers read children stories during breaks and lunchtime.

Swap Shop

From Monday to Wednesday children were invited to bring in any unwanted books in good condition to exchange them for tokens which can be used to choose books from the other donations. Zahra donated 14 books (the recommended limit was 5!). She was so excited on Wednesday to go to the Sawp Shop to collect 14 new books. She eagerly showed me them all when she came home – delighted with her new range of books to read. 

Stonehill Joke Book

Throughout the week the children we asked to submit jokes for the Stonehill joke book. Zahra took this as a personal challenge and wrote so many jokes down and submitted them all. (After she had tried them out on us for effectiveness!). The best jokes will appear in the joke book. Zahra won a prize (another book!) at the end of the week for her jokes.

Zahra with her prize for her joke book entries

Visiting Author

Bruce Hale was the visiting author in the school on Tuesday. He read his books and led workshops for the children on writing.he also signed copies of his books at the book fair. Zahra purchased two.

Chet Geko

Chet Geko is the “mysterious detective” in voting author Bruce Hale’s books. The children were asked to create a new villain for Chet Geko to face. 

Book Reviews

Throughout the week the children were asked to submit reviews of books. There were prizes handed out at the special assembly at the end of the week.

Book Character Parade

 At the end of the week was the book character parade. Children and teachers all dressed up as their famous book character. Zahra chose a girl hero from the Percy Jackson set of books. The outfits were amazing, both home made and bought. One whole class came as Mr Men characters. It was really impressive. The head of primary came as Azlan. A brave choice considering the 31C temperatures! The children paraded around the school grounds led by a band. It was such fun.


the book parade band
It was such a fun week for Zahra at school and one that she will remember for a long time. A fabulous book week.


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