This Blog is brought to you by the letters R, E and Z

Today I am your guest blogger, hope it’s up to Deb’s usual high standards! 😃
It’s Diwali next week and this is a BIG deal in India… Think of it like Christmas and you’ll be close. As a result Zahra’s school has a week break… Effectively a half term holiday and what better time to book a family holiday! 
Hmm, where shall we go? We could have a ‘Staycation’ but you know what… Gosh darn it, we’re in India, let’s go to Goa!!
After a little aggro getting the flight and hotel booked (Deb has a different take on how much aggro she had to book the trip!😂) we eventually arrive at the airport on the allotted day and being the considerate type Deb has booked us an Air Asia flight at a very traveller friendly time of midday! 
The flight to Goa was pretty uneventful… Apart from the usual routine of having to completely empty my carry on luggage each and every time I go through security… It seems on X-ray my camera looks like this!

We arrived in Goa and to my unadulterate joy the airport is shared by an Indian Naval Air Station complete with Il-38 maritime patrol aircraft 

and MiG-29k fighters! 

They even had a carrier ski-jump at one end of the runway…. But it’s time to change the subject or else Deb will get cross! 😂

Goa is much hotter than Bengaluru… As Zahra pointed out out, Bengaluru is at 3000ft on the Karnataka plain! With no pre-arranged transfer to the airport we elected to take a pre-pay taxi.
What we got was a driver with a very small car and anger management and hygiene issues! 😨
I had paid the few rupiah extra for an a/c cab but initially the windows were down and we were enjoying the warm fresh air but he eventually read the chit he’d been given and recognised the extra for AC paid. The AC duly came on but now being enclosed we got to enjoy the full effect of the driver having been sat in a hot and sweaty car all day! Mmm, that’s ripe! 😷
Now, I get that cabbies are paid by the ride and want to get as many in per day as is humanly possible but must we go this quick down windy hill roads? Luckily our driver was either related to Colin McRae or had a host of deities on his side! Some very close shaves with the oncoming vehicles! 😳
A great observation from Deb… The roads here are much smoother than in Bengaluru… By a long way, and this seems to encourage the lunatic fringe (like our taxi driver) to go faster and take greater risks! We miss you Naraya, our gentle and ever so helpful Bengaluru driver! 

Still…. We got to listen to some cool Indian tunes on the radio… at full volume, which was nice!
We did eventually get to the Hotel, the Marriott and what an oasis of calm… I literally fell out of the taxi and staggered wobbly legged into the hotel lobby. 
The folks here could not be more helpful. A complimentary ice cold Kingfisher for Sir and Madam? Oh yes! That’ll calm the nerves nicely!
We’re poolside now so time to draw this guest blog entry to a close.



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