Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum 

We decided to go to this museum this morning. We’d passed it several times recently and Rez was interested as there was a plane outside. 

We only had our driver for part of the day today as well because his nephew was getting married this evening and he needed to be away by 4:30pm at the latest. A small wedding he said – just 1000 – 1500 people! (Rez and I nearly choked on our water.)

Anyway the museum didn’t open till 10:30am so we took the scenic route and arrived just as the museum was opening. There were queues already and it looked busy. (I now know that that was nothing compared to the masses arriving as we were leaving at midday.)

The museum entry fee was ₹40 (40p) each and our driver Naraya joined us. He was annoyed they had charged us full price for Zahra when she was a student and should have been half price (₹20/20p). We weren’t going to ask for a discount at that price.

The museum is dedicated to Dr M Visvesvaraya who is India’s most celebrated engineer and who was knighted by King George V.

The first room we entered was the engine room. It was amazing. There was so much going on and a lot of interactive things to try. There was a maze on the ceiling with balls rolling constantly around indifferent directions. It was really good.

We weren’t in the engine room long when the first person stopped Zahra and me and asked for a photo. We politely obliged. After the third person asked for a photo Zahra just walked off to look at something. We were in that room 30 mins in the end and had to stop for photos 12 times. It was becoming tedious for Zahra.

We continued on through the various floors and zones. It was really good for kids as there was so much for them to try. Rez loved telling Zahra about stuff.

Zahra thought this early computer was really weird!

Zahra started to cling onto Daddy’s hand in the end as so many people were asking for photos. They didn’t ask if Rez was with us but as soon as he walked away to look at something they were there. Always very polite. It was bemusing for me and Zahra.

The space zone was quite interesting- not much to see but a lot of information. The children were able to track a live satellite though which was pretty cool. Zahra tracked one across South America.

Rez was thoughtful in the electronics section!

The Science for Children section was rammed so we didn’t stay long but again loads of things for the children to do.

The museum was on three floors and the fourth floor had a restaurant but we didn’t venture up there. It was also the 50th Anniversary of the Museum so there was an exhibition on the 3rd floor about that too – but we were getting information overload by that point and decided to head off.  We were there for an hour and a half. 

When we were leaving at midday the crowds coming in were overwhelming so we were glad we went early.



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