Cultural learning curves

This evening has been nothing short of difficult and draining and it’s our own fault.

As this is a serviced apartment the laundry is done by a man here. He checks the items out and returns them and bills the room. A few days ago Rez put his RR logo shirt in the bag to be laundered. 2 days later it had not been returned so we asked where it was and could they have a look for it this morning. 

I have been out all day (mainly sitting in the car doing school runs and a meeting – 7 hours in the car!). When I got back with Zahra this afternoon the general manager immediately spoke to me about the missing shirt and said they had not found it. I reassured him that it had definitely been put in the laundry and could they have another look for it.

About 5 mins later the man who does the laundry was at our apartment door, really flustered and out of breath. He had receipts and bills to show me he had returned everything. I was a bit concerned as he looked really worried. I said it would turn up somewhere but it was still missing. He promised to have another look and I promised to have another look. 

I found the shirt – in bottom of the laundry bag that had yet to be taken.I felt awful. As well as furious with Rez for not checking properly.

 I immediately phoned reception to apologise. The laundry man and his manager immediately came to the room to check the shirt was indeed found. I apologised profusely. That’s when I found out that he had been searching relentlessly all day and had not eaten as a consequence – he was so worried. I apologised again – a little horrified now about the fuss it had caused. And again feeling even more angry with Rez.

They took the laundry and counted each item before removing it this time. I felt awful and it was simply embarassing.

In the meantime I took advice from Priya and Mandy who advised us to apologise to the general manager as well as the laundry man and ensure that we say it was our mistake and he had done nothing wrong. This is because they can be punished for losing items as it will be presumed that have stolen them. Both Priya and Mandy suggested tipping the laundry man too for the distress it will have caused.

By now I am feeling sick to my stomach with the fuss it has caused.

Rez came home from work and insisted on talking to the laundry man himself. He apologised profusely and tipped him. Rez is going to apologise to the general manager tomorrow as he had already left for the evening.

It’s been a real learning curve and very tiring and draining. 

Rez here… I would also like to apologise to you dear reader for my mistake. Really sorry. Just for the record I’m sorry.


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