Eagles, dragonflies and chipmunks

There is a lot of wildlife wandering the streets, alleyways and muddy off road tracks of Bangalore. After the cows, dogs and monkeys there are the eagles soaring overhead, dragonflies zipping and darting their way through the air and the occasional chipmunk scurrying up a wire.

There are a lot of eagles here. Sometimes you see just one or two but when you are high up (top of a shopping mall or at the FRRO) you can see lots soaring on the hot air. They lazily glide around in circles, wings wide open, enjoying the warm air. They have favourite landing spaces, one of which is on the school astro turf pitch. They have to be evicted by security and the gardeners before the children can play.

The huge dragonflies are a real sight to see. They are around 2-3 inches long and there are lots of them. They dart around in mini swarms seeking other flying insects to eat, particularly midges and mosquitoes. They also will eat butterflies, moths and smaller dragonflies but I’ve not seen them do that yet. I’m particularly grateful they keep the midge population down. It is lovely to sit and watch them dart about, minding their own business, stocking up on food.

We’ve only seen a couple of chipmunks since we have been here and both times they have been scurrying along wires and fences. They are so quick and small and we were fortunate that on both occasions they decided to stop and eat so we could observe them. They do look quite cute but as with everything here, I wouldn’t go near them. They’re quicker than the monkeys – and they can move!

We are getting quite used to all the wild dogs and cows wandering around,only taking note if it’s something ‘unusual’. We haven’t seen monkeys in the city centre yet, just in the parks. They walk quite close but usually just pass you by – unless you have a tasty treat they’re after. Zahra’s already learnt to hide water bottles and snacks when there are monkeys around. We’ve only been here 2 weeks.


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