Bangalore Belly

A Squat Public Toilet
A Squat Public Toilet

It was only a matter of time before we were affected by the change in diet and water. Whilst we can maintain our own hygiene there is nothing you can do about the hygiene of others preparing food. This combination has an unfortunate consequence. Having  diarrhoea at home is one thing, having it here is an entirely different ball game. All three of us now have it.

Not only do you have the griping pain that comes with such things it is also the fear that any toilet is unsuitable. Toilet paper here appears to be rationed (we have had to replace it ourselves in the serviced apartment) as a bucket and jug is provided to wash with. The fear of running out of loo roll is high. A bucket and jug is not an attractive alternative.

There is also the real possibility that the call of nature comes when out and about. Public toilets are scarce (and I mean scarce – not seen any general public loos, just those in the zoo and amusement park). There is a real risk that you will need the loo and there just isn’t one. I can’t bear to think of those consequences. Even if a public loo can be found it is highly likely to be a squat loo, filthy dirty, with a bucket and jug and no loo roll.

Now I am sure I don’t need to describe in detail the skills required (not to mention thigh muscles) to squat, hover and hold clothes out of the way whilst trying to aim at a hole in the ground whilst suffering griping pains. Add to that the general uncontrollable nature and splatter effect of diarrhoea and it is a disaster waiting to happen.

So far, disaster has been averted but I fear it is only a matter of time before the sweating starts followed by the griping pain and the desperate urge to go to the loo immediately appears when out and about. It really doesn’t bear thinking about. I am carrying pocket tissues, wet wipes and hand gel just in case.

Enjoy your throne at home!


2 thoughts on “Bangalore Belly

  1. yep on out trek we all suffered the legendary Delhi belly, if we slipped while walking it was game over.Butt cheeks can only clench for so long.Enjoy the cultural treats India has to offer and embrace.


  2. Oh dear ! It doesn’t bear thinking about! Being ill at home is one thing, but being somewhere were sanitation is not very good is another! Hope it passes soon


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