One for the Christians

It’s 10:30am and I am looking at letters required for the Foreign Registration Office when the sweet sound of praise and worship drifts through the warm air. I started singing along “…worthy is the lamb, worthy is the lamb, you are Holy, Holy….”. It took about a minute for me to realise it was being sung in English, the music was live and it was being sung really close.

I opened a window at the side – it was louder. I went on to the balcony, quieter out there. Where was it coming from? I decided to brave it and follow the music. I quickly left the apartment block and followed the sound of the beautiful voices singing.

At the end of the road I turned the corner into a compound called “Nava Jeeva Ashram”. As I walked through the gate the security guard approached me. I indicated I could hear singing. “Chapel” he said. “Can I go?” I asked and he waved me in.

I entered a full Chapel. The singing was just coming to an end. I quickly took a seat at the back on the left. (I subsequently noticed that all the ladies were sat on the left and the men on the right.) The majority of people here were young.

After a prayer the speaker stood up. He started with:”The message for the students here: Read the Bible, read the Bible – this is a precious time- you have the time to read before you go out into the mission field.” His main points were: Grow, sow , reach, rejoice and he read from  Luke 4: 18-20.

After the service I spoke with a teacher. This is the New Life Bible College in Bangalore. It is also a centre for music education. They have a service everyday and said I was very welcome to join them for it if I so wished.

I wandered back out of the gate (which turns out to be the rear entrance to the property) and back to my apartment, happy.

God is indeed everywhere and it’s all in His plan.



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