Wonder La Amusement and Waterpark

Saturday was another day out exploring (given the lack of Internet access). We were going to go to a place outside Bangalore called Innovative film studios. However our driver suggested Wonder La as it was much better. So we headed off there.

When we arrived the first thing we noticed was how clean and tidy it was. The pavements were proper pavements and not a rut or rubbish in sight. We joined a queue for tickets only to be moved almost immediately by security and information to a queue selling FastPass tickets. These were much more expensive but we were assured we would need them. Considering the amount of people in the queue we weren’t going to argue.

The tickets cost c. £50 for the 3 of us  including the FastPass (read that and weep Alton Towers!). When we went in the areas were clearly separated from dry rides and wet rides and area. We decided to go on the dry rides first. This is when we appreciated the FastPAss. We didn’t see a queue less than 45 mins long and yet we were able to walk straight onto every ride. It was so worth it. 

There were a couple of noticeable things. Firstly, some rides had separate “Ladies and children” only sections. I appreciated that later on in the rain disco (not kidding) and the wave beach. The other noticeable thing was the reluctance, hesitance and general fear of some of the ladies to go on even the tamest of rides and slides. There was genuine fear in some ladies which was sad to see. 

The ride height restrictions were a blanket 140cms which meant Zahra was unable to go on some of the larger rides. I wasn’t upset about this as some of those rides looked a bit too much for me too! 

Surprisingly, the Ghost Train (traditionally a rubbish ride in the UK) was actually very good. The effects were good and whilst it wasn’t much of a ride you could appreciate the effects.

When we came to go into the wet zone we had to go to the shop to buy swimmies as we hadn’t bought any with us. In addition, it wasn’t plainly obvious to us what the dress code was for the wet zone. It clearly wasn’t swimming costumes or shorts. We were offered tee shirts and 3/4 length leggings and Rez was offered shorts. 3 park branded swimming outfits cost us £15. 

The changing area had a curtain and narrow changing rooms with no seats. The toilets were squat toilets again – but at least clean and had hand washing facilities.

The wet zone was great fun. Loads of slides (some safer than others we discovered after getting whiplash!), fun pools, waves, water rides (the log flume was amazing – properly high waves and a soaking), lazy river and the rain disco. The rain disco was exactly that – dark, strobe lighting, banging tunes and loads of water pouring down. It was great fun. The men were separated from women, children and families here and a good job too considering the energy and excitement of the young men jumping up and down. Much safer to be separated so young children didn’t get injured.

Of course the sun was blazing so getting completely soaked was refreshing and not freezing. We didn’t need towels when we got changed as we were almost completely dry. It was a lovely day out.

I’m now suffering a stiff neck – convinced it was whiplash from one of the more extreme slides! Ah well, you live and learn!


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