Sunday church and brunch

Blog postSunday 4th October

  Today we attended CFC (Christian Fellowship Church). We were late as our driver was late arriving and we also had no idea where the church was. It turns out it was only 15 mins drive from our current apartment. The church is hidden off a main dual carriageway down a side road. Our driver had to go down the wrong side of the dual carriageway to take the turning. Nothing unusual about this in Bangalore but for a Brit it was rather disconcerting seeing trucks, cars and motorbikes come hurtling towards you. We were 30 mins late for the service but received a very warm welcome. Zahra and Rez joined me in the main service. There were 3 speakers – one spoke for about 30 mins and the other two for about 15 mins each. We had missed the first 30 mins of worship. There was a Sunday School but again we had just missed that by our late arrival. The service was a good one about no sin, or sinner , is beyond the reach and redemption of God. Even when those sins that trip us up constantly see us in the gutter yet again, God’s love for us will mean that He will pick us up to start again.

At the end of the service , visitors were asked to stand up. Rez says I turned three shades of red before hiding my face in my hands with embarrassment! We were given a small book as a welcome gift. Many members of the congregation came to say hello to us immediately after the service to welcome us. We only saw one other white lady in the congregation so we certainly stood out.

After the service we didn’t stay for the coffee but headed off to Sunday Brunch at the Taj Western Hotel in town. We had been advised that it was the ‘thing to do on a Sunday’. It certainly was. It made such a lovely change being in a clean environment with a wide selection of Indian and western food. In addition they served champagne constantly throughout the buffet meal. There was a barbecue grill as well. As there were no diary free desserts , the chef came and spoke to me about my dietary requirements and made me a delicious dairy free chocolate mousse layered with cooked apple and sour cherries. It was delicious. As was the copious amounts of Moët!

So the bill came. Rez was surprised at the cost – but I reminded him he is already thinking in Rupees and the cost of living in India. So the bill breakdown was as follows:

2x 1ltr Himalayan water R400. (£4)

2x Sunday Brunch R3800. (£38)

1 x child Sunday Brunch R1200 (£14)

2x Sunday Brunch Liquor R2400. (£24)

Tax R1392 (£13.92)

Total R9392 (£93.92)
Tip R100 (£1) – I know what you’re thinking – but the 10% rules doesn’t apply here. A good job here e.g. A driver earns R500 (£5) a day – so a R100 (£1) tip is equivalent to 1/5 of a good days wage. 

Considering we both had a beer each and Moët champagne on tap for the best part of 3 hours – I think we got a good deal. Those of you who live in London will simply weep at the cheap prices. Especially as imported champagne here costs £150 a bottle. We easily drank more than that over the 3.5 hours we were at Brunch. As we have a driver – neither of us had to be the designaTed driver!

Clearly the some of the expat community gather here on Sunday’s. There was a large French contingent here today that looked something like an NCT group in the UK. Lots of young children and babes in arms with young couples. Felt some heat old and fat it has to be said. The young, slim and beautiful were out in force.

We had a quick trip to the shops to stock up on bottled water and other essentials before heading home. The heavens opened on the way though. It is the end of the Monsoon season now but the heavy rain and storms quickly flooded the roads. It was fascinating.

Pics will be posted to FB when I get an Internet connection.


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