Wild dogs, cows and the rubbish


Amongst the chaos of the roads and the piles of rubbish and decomposing rotting food are the wild dogs and cows meandering around and scavenging.

Zahra counted 57 wild dogs on her 30 min journey to school this morning.

Cows nose through the rubbish looking for food too. For someone who is used to cows grazing in lush green fields this makes me wonder about the health of these animals. They are considered holy here too.

The wild dogs keep themselves to themselves although we did see a barking stand off last night as two dogs fought over some scraps.

The sheer volume of rubbish everywhere is staggering. There appears to be no incentive to remove rubbish from the streets. Clearly there are infrastructure issues with such a fast growing and developing city. We saw one rubbish truck yesterday. The cleaning team were scooping up rubbish with their bare hands and throwing it into the back of the truck. No overalls, gloves or boots. A really grim job.

The noise here is constant. Barking dogs, cockerels crowing, calls to prayer from the mosque and the inevitable sound of car horns. Added to that is the constant hum of the fan (and the Aircon when we turn it on). It’s a long way from the peace and quiet of the tranquil Kirkstead Close that’s for sure.


2 thoughts on “Wild dogs, cows and the rubbish

  1. It is a dirty place. Thousands of people die each year because of poor hygene. Just from simpley not washing their hands after going to the toilet. Party due to the massive lack of toilets.


  2. Hi Deb,Rez and Zahra!Well it certainly looks,shall we say,interesting over there!Not too long till you get your own place,hopefully cleaner,er…better in every way.Forgive the thought ,please, but it’s irresistible…what with all the rubbish,mass of people and struggling infrastructure,…where does all the wee and pooh go?
    How’s Zahra’s new school ?And the food there?
    Will try to FaceTime or Skype at the weekend if you’re around?
    Nick, Sarah and Izzy. xxxxx


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