A day in the life of a Newbie to Bangalore 


Well, we’re here. My gosh what a first day we had yesterday. The “full service” apartment is basic and filthy. I cleaned the fridge and ditched cleaning cloths and bought new ones. Properly grim. Made worse by the fact that a cockroach paid us a visit during a Skype call with Tom, Sue and Lucy. Eek! The caretaker took care of it.

The kitchen has hardly any utensils and only 2 plates were provided. As there are three of us we asked the caretaker for more – which were delivered later in the evening. Plates are plastic – like picnic ware in the UK. Cutting knives are pretty useless. There is no hot running water to wash up with. We had to buy washing up liquid and tea towels as nothing was provided – in this fully serviced apartment.

Shelves appear to be optional extras everywhere. There is only one shelf in the fridge. The kitchen cupboards do not have shelves and only some a lined with newspapers to cover the concrete base. There are no bathroom shelves or cupboards, no loo roll holder and no towel rails or rings.

We are in an apartment near a Mosque so can hear the regular calls to prayer.

Rez checked out the swimming pool and it resembles a pond – nice and green.

Today was spent school uniform shopping. Everything takes a long time. Traffic is constantly jammed and there is a different person for every job in a shop. Bags are checked before entering a shop. Items bought in other shops have to be left at a kiosk or security bagged (in a net with a tag) and released by security when exiting. The person who helps you choose an item is not the same person who lists what you are buying. Then you have to go to a checkout to pay before returning to the shop assistant to show your receipt to release the item to you. Then everything is checked again leaving the store by security (a bit like the Costco system). Your receipt is then hole punched by security. A really inefficient process.

You need an Indian mobile phone to buy anything here. Everyone asks for it. There is consternation when you give an English one.

Trying to get an Indian mobile phone will be a blog for another day. There is a lot of paperwork required to get one.


2 thoughts on “A day in the life of a Newbie to Bangalore 

  1. Wow. That sounds horrendous especially when you think of how beautifully clean you left your house for your tenants Deb. You’ll certainly gain a lot of life experiences over the next couple of years.


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